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About Ed Frawley

Ed Frawley has been training dogs for over 45 years. He started to train passionately and seriously at the age of 16. Since then, he has learned dog training through a variety of techniques. What Ed Frawley offers now as information to others is the best he has to offer.

Through his years of dog training, Ed Frawley has experience under various areas. He's trained dogs in personal protection, search and rescue, the sport of Schutzhund, narcotics, and other areas as well. Ed Frawley also has many years of experience in whelping and breeding. He has handled over 350 litters in his lifetime and has a lot of information in training young dogs.

Ed Frawley has produced a variety of dog training videos for different areas. His videos are catered towards dog owners and trainers of all types. Whether you are simply owning a pet dog or are a professional dog trainer or perhaps an officer that needs input on training dogs, Ed Frawley has done much of it and offers advice in his videos backed by years of experience.

Dog training has grown ultimately in the years past. Ed Frawley likes to create a balance between the different dog training techniques. He trains dogs with motivation but also gives them a correction if a dog is disobedient.

With his years of experience, you won't regret taking his advice and applying it to your dog training.