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If you're a new dog owner, you'll know that training a puppy is a difficult and time-consuming process. Or even if you aren't a new dog owner, you'll realize that taking care of a puppy is a lot harder than taking care an adopted adult dog. It's crucial to understand how to take care of the puppy while it's young so that when it grows to its adult age, it doesn't become aggressive or have behavioral issues. It's always better to teach the dog at a younger age although it's never too late to teach older dogs as well.

Ed Frawley has been training dogs for over 45 years and intends to keep doing so for the rest of his life. He has written many articles for his website at Leerburg. To learn more about Ed Frawley, you can check out the about page.

The Groundwork to Becoming Your Puppy's Pack Leader
by Ed Frawley

When people bring an 8 week old puppy home their first concerns are “what should I feed my puppy?" and "how do I stop it from peeing on the floor?” These are important and credible concerns, but equally important and often ignored, is the concept of how to establish yourself as your new pup's pack leader.

The average dog owner does not have a clue about how strong the genes are that control their puppy's temperament, personality, and drives. Puppies that don’t have a sold pack structure grow up to become dominant and obnoxious adult dogs.

This article will explain how we raise a new puppy in our home. Click to read this article.