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Grow Your Pups with Bones

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Grow Your Pups with Bones by Ian Billinghurst
405 pages | Paperback

Part I
The Bones and Raw Food (BARF) Programme
  1. What is the 'BARF' diet?
  2. Is the 'BARF' diet suitable for growing and breeding dogs?
  3. The nutrients which support growth
  4. What you will need to produce the 'BARF' diet
  5. The BARF diet

Part II
Feeding for Breeding
  1. Basic nutrition for Him and Her and the kids
  2. Before you breed you must start with healthy dogs
  3. Breeding secrets – believe some – ignore others
  4. What do we feed Her during pregnancy
  5. The whelping box
  6. Eclampsia or milk fever
  7. Feeding the lactating bitch
  8. Weaning the puppies
  9. Orphan puppy care
Part III
Bones Build Bones
  1. Correct management of pups – an overview
  2. In the beginning
  3. Puppy management – then and now
  4. How bones should grow – normally
  5. At what stage can we say this bone has become diseased
  6. Oseochondrosis – the basic cause of skeletal disease
  7. The role of genes in producing skeletal disease in puppies
  8. The calcium dilemma
  9. The ‘excess food’ way to wreck your pup’s bones
  10. The exercise factor and skeletal disease
  11. Old fashioned Osteochondrosis
  12. Osteochondritis Dissecans or OCDIS
  13. Hip Dysplasia
  14. The Elbow Dysplasia complex
  15. The wobbler syndrome
  16. Panosteitis
  17. Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy
  18. The carpal Instability/Flexion Syndrome
  19. Septic Arthritis
  20. Patellar luxation or slipping patellas
  21. Aseptic necrosis of the femoral head
  22. The BARF programme for pups
  23. Treating the puppy with skeletal disease

Grow Your Pups With Bones is the second book in a series dealing with feeding companion animals for maximum health. The first book in this series, Give Your Dog a Bone contains important background material and where possible should be read first.

The mission of Grow Your Pups With Bones is firstly, to show the dog owning fraternity how easy it is to produce healthy pups without the losses, headaches, and heartaches so many breeders experience, and secondly, how easy it is to grow those pups into healthy adults with a sound skeletal system.

Grow Your Pups with Bones is divided into three parts.

The first part introduces the Bones and Raw Food {BARF} diet for feeding dogs. This method of feeding dogs is the very heart of Grow Your Pups With Bone. It is based on the dietary needs of dogs as shaped by several hundred thousand years of evolution.

The second part of Grow Your Pups With Bones is about breeding. In particular – feeding for breeding. It details the practical common sense approach to producing an optimum number of healthy pups with a minimum of fuss. The BARF diet is central to this pup-producing programme.

The third part of Grow Your Pups With Bones is about growing pups into healthy adults that do not develop Hip or Elbow Dysplasia, or any of the other skeletal disease which are so common in modern dogs. Central to this third part of the book is BARF programme of diet and exercise.

The basic theme of this book, the BARF diet, has been inspired by the continuing observation that companion animals ate much better when fed their biologically appropriate diet based on Bone and Raw Foods.