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Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats



Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats by Kymythy R. Schultze C.C.N., A.H.I.
135 pages | Paperback

This should be a must-read book for every pet owner.

If you love your dog, you need to read this book. It will change the way you view the health of your pet. I can tell you this from experience. Feeding commercial dog food since 1950's, I became more and more concerned about exactly what I was forcing my dogs to live on. When I did a little research, I became very critical of commercial dog food companies.

This book changed the way I feed my own dogs and has become the book I recommend to everyone who asks me about what dog food I recommend. This book has changed the way I look at nutrition for my dogs.

Ed Frawley

  1. Species-Appropriate Nutrition
    • Raw Food
    • Evolutionary Timeline
  2. The Ultimate Diet
    • Basic Food Groups
    • The Ultimate Diet Raw Food Pyramid
    • Diet Comparison
  3. Making the Meal
    • Food and Water Dishes
    • Why Buy Organic
    • Resources for Diet Ingredients
  4. How Often Should Your Pets Eat
    • Fasting
  5. Snacks, Treats, and Travel
  6. Herbs and Green Foods
  7. Foods to Avoid
  8. Making the Switch
    • Detoxification
  9. Pregnancy, Puppies, and Kittens
  10. Senior Citizens
  11. General Guidelines
  12. Species-Appropriate Sources of Nutrients
  13. Your Tribe

There are an estimated 60 million dogs and 70 million cats living as beloved companions in this country alone, and feeding pets is a multimillion-dollar business. A significant proportion of pet owners are now turning to holistic health care to prevent disease and enhance their pets' well-being.

The foundation of holistic care is optimal nutrition. Our own doctors extol the virtues of eating fewer processed foods and adding more fresh foods to our diet if we wish to enjoy good health. Certainly, our dogs and cats deserve the same consideration! In this reader-friendly book, author Kymthy R. Schultze shows you how a species-appropriate diet of raw, natural foods can lead to an enhanced quality of life for your pet. You'll learn how to easily [prepare a nutritious homemade meal, which can help your pet develop a shiny coat, healthy skin and digestion, clean teeth, bright eyes, and also reduce flea problems and bad breath.

If you love your pet, Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats is an invaluable book that you'll want to keep handy at all times!

About the Author

Kymythy R. Schultze, C.C.N., A.H.I. has been a trailblazer in the field of animal nutrition for over a decade. Her professional experience with animals includes being a trainer, a breeder, a groomer, a veterinary assistant for multiple doctors, and a wildlife rehabilitator licensed with the federal government. She has studied many holistic and allopathic modalities, including tutorage with Dr. Richard Dahout, and canine nutrition at Cornell University. She has also hosted a popular radio talk show featuring health and community service issues.

Kymythy is certified Clinical Nutritionist and a certified Animal Health Instructor, and teaches classes in holistic care for dogs and cats at a California college and worldwide. Her nutritional recommendations are endorsed by holistic and allopathic veterinarians. She has fed her own dogs and cats a species-appropriate diet of raw foods for many years with proven results. Her breeding program has produced American and International champions; titled draft, obedience, and water rescue dogs; and, most important, nurtured beloved family companions. She has helped hundreds of people all over the world improve the health of their dogs and cats, naturally. Kymythy is also the editor of the Holistic Dog and Cat newsletter, with circulation worldwide.

Here are the books that I think every dog owner that is interested in the health and a natural diet for their dogs should own. These books will forever change the way that you look at the health and care of your dogs.