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Your Puppy 8 Weeks to 8 Months DVD by Ed Frawley



This DVD is 1 hour and 59 minutes long. It is one of the most popular training videos for new puppy owners.

In the 1980's, the first version of this video was released. Since then, we have expanded and updated several times over the years. Our current version was completed in October 2010.

This training video answers all the questions that new puppy owners have concerning the care of their new puppy. Ed Frawley has been breeding dogs cine 1978 and has produced over 350 litters of working bloodline German Shepherd puppies.

Over the years, Ed Frawley has been asked just about every question a new puppy owner can think of to ask. In an effort to help educate these puppy owners, Ed Frawley created this DVD for his puppy customers and is applicable to all puppy owners worldwide.

Leerburg breeds only German Shepherds but this video is not aimed towards German Shepherds only. This DVD can apply to any kind of dog and is sold to breeders all over the country with dogs other than German Shepherds.

New owners all want to train their puppy. This tape explains exactly how much your pups can learn and the proper way to train your puppy.

Puppies can only be trained through motivational training methods. This means using food, toys, and a lot of praise. We show you how to make learning a game for you and your puppy.

Often new trainers try and accomplish more than a young pup is capable of learning. This can be compared to teaching a 5 year old child college level math. Trying to push a puppy beyond its ability will kill its temperament and drive before it ever has a chance to develop. This video will show you how much to expect.

We have a saying "Just because a puppy can be trained to do something does not mean it's right to train it to do something." This DVD is going to give you the information that will tell you how to train your puppy without pushing it beyond the point that could be harmful to your pup.

While my DVD has an extensive section on how to house train your new dog it is impossible to include all of the information I would like to have included (there simply is not enough time on a DVD to do this).

The Topics Covered in DVD